About Us

Dear Customer.....

Either you are in any food business line and facing problem with any one of the following reasons.

  • To increase your production in best modern ways with less hard work.
  • To show new tastes to your customers by giving changes in your food process.
  • To add innovative products to change your menu.
  • To give a stylish atmosphere in your food court.
  • To maintain your customer data in an easy way by providing a software.

Are you want to start any new food business or in confusion about

  • How to start & Where to start
  • How to design the environment of your food court
  • And which best equipment you have to use.

Don’t worry!

Through our INNOVATIVE CONSULTANCY a division of COOLEX (since 1975) we are happy to help you to find out the best solutions.You might think or want to do the business equally with popular fast food brands, want to start with low investment and grow your own brand like them. Choose our right platform.

Mr. P. Radhakrishna, Chairman and founder of Coolex Industries Pvt.Ltd., is in the field of food and beverages manufacturing and food consultant since 1975. He is 60 years old with 40 years of vast experience and expertise in Restaurant and fast food consultancy and giving practical training in the areas of fried chicken, variety of burgers & pizzas, ice creams and drinks (like mojitos,smoothies) and in different specialized foods.

Mr.P.Radhakrishna has done a lot of research on food and developed more than 2000 recipes. He is also a consultant for food franchise brands with services like equipment support, food training’s outlet designing, kitchen setup, marketing & advertising and store management etc...

Our Managing Director MR.P. Sandesh Btech, is upgrading the customized food related modern equipments, and supply to many people in india as well as 60+ countries all over the world.
The company consists of food technologists and management professionals from ISB, who will be responsible to make you success.

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